Netgear router comes with an advanced feature through which you can easily share data, files as well as messages inside the network without any problem. 

It is one of the best ones in this competitive router market. However, since each and every router has some technical faults, the Netgear router also comes with certain glitches. 

The Netgear router WPS progress error takes place when users make an attempt to change the wireless settings. But the problem is that the Netgear router fails to process this change.

As a result, you encounter the error message marked as “Router WPS progress error”. You will receive this error message if you deactivate the WPS feature, associated with the WPS wizard.

Therefore, without further delay, read this user guide and apply the under-mentioned solutions to resolve this issue seamlessly.

Certain Points That should be Taken into Consideration

When you click on the WPS button on the router, the LED will blink without any sort of repetition. Otherwise, it might blink at a faster pace. 

But after a while, LED becomes very steady. The WiFi and the WPS LEDs will flash on a periodic basis when you like to save the wireless settings.

After that, you just have to save or apply the wireless settings, equipped with the “SSID broadcast disable” feature. However, you will encounter a message, telling you the WPS requires an SSID broadcasting to perform the task in a proper fashion. 

However, if you perform any slight alterations, then you can’t access the WPS. If you find the WPS LED on the front panel, flashing, then you can easily deduce that the WPS is in the active state. 

But, take into account that you won’t run the Netgear router’s LED until and unless there are interrupted power failure, change in configuration or reboot of the router.

Fruitful Technique to Fix Netgear Router WPS Progress Error

This is basically a section that will tell you about the troubleshooting steps for fixing the error.

  1. First of all, press and hold the WPS button, available on the router for about a minute, until WPS LED comes to the steady-state.
  2. As prescribed, press the Apply button, present under the category of Wireless Settings.
  3. You must consider that the location of the WPS router will vary a little. But don’t worry, this will be marked with the proper symbol.

Additional Method to Eradicate Netgear Router WPS Progress Error

Below are the most researched steps that you can follow to fix the concerning error without any external aid.

In order to begin, you have to check if there is a failure while processing of WPS is underway. After that, you have to deactivate the WPS feature, associated with the WPS wizard. 

Now check to see if the error persists or not. Moreover, you have to examine the firmware of the Netgear router. Then, examine the option labeled as ‘Keep existing wireless settings’. 

If you like to disable the solid LED Green, then you have to click the WPS button, available on the front panel. 

In the first place, LED will show the green color, then it will turn yellow and finally it will be disabled. Even if you press the option labeled as Apply available in the wireless settings, the WPS LED will start blinking.

Moreover, you have the provision to modify the wireless encryption settings when there is a  security threat to the router. Just, you need to hold the WPS button available on it for at least 30 seconds. Otherwise, you have to hold it till the WPS LED is steady. 

Take into account that there will be minor changes present on the WPS location on the router. However, there will be a proper symbol on the router. Now, choose the Apply Button available under the wireless settings.

To Wrap it Up

Now, you know all the possible hacks to prevent the Netgear router WPS Progress error. After reading this informative blog thoroughly, you can know each and everything in detail.

Moreover, you can always go through the user guide for any instant help. Apart from this, if you have any further ideas, feel free to provide them in the comment box.