Netgear error 1605 is one of the common errors that come along with the router. Mostly, this error appears while you are trying to connect the smartphone application to the desktop computer. 

Some users even faced this issue while trying to control the router with the Netgear Genie app. There are a few specific reasons for this issue. If the Netgear router is not configured properly, then you can face this error. 

Misconfigured settings of the router also might be the reason behind this error. Sometimes, the corrupted or outdated drivers of the router can trigger this error as well. Further, due to a damaged or faulty Netgear router, you can also meet this error.  

If you are unable to use the Netgear router properly, then you can leave all your worries. In this guide, you will learn 4 easy hacks which can help you to fix this error. So, you should take a glance at the guide provided below. 

Easy Hacks to Fix Netgear Genie Error 1605

Here, in this solution part, we are going to discuss the most effective and accurate solutions for this error. You should implement the methods as stated below: 

Way 1: Restart the Netgear Router

Mostly, users become able to fix this error by performing a simple restart of the router. To perform the restarting method, you should follow the steps provided below: 

  1. In the beginning, press the Reset button of the Netgear router and hold it for a few seconds. You will locate this button on the backside of the Netgear router.
  2. Now, look at the lights located on the router. Once the lights are turned off, you can release the Reset button. 
  3. Wait for a few seconds and turn the router On. Then, you should log into the Genie app using the login credentials. 

After that, you should check the issue is fixed. If the error gets mitigated, then you can use the router. Else, if you see that the error is still occurring, then you should try to reconfigure the Netgear router. 

Way 2: Reconfigure the Router

Misconfiguration of the Netgear router can also cause this error. To solve this issue, you should try to set up the router again. This method is more than easy to implement and you do not have to be tech-savvy to use this hack. 

How to Reconfigure the Netgear Router? 

  1. In the beginning, connect the router’s first port with the Ethernet wire. Then, connect the other end of the wire with the computer. 
  2. Now, turn off the router. Wait for a few seconds and turn it On again. 
  3. Next, open a web browser and type the router’s IP address in the search bar. 
  4. Navigate to the Administrative page of the Netgear router. Now, you should enter the login credentials. 
  5. Tap on the ‘Setup Wizard’ option on the router administrator page and set up the profile of the Netgear router. 
  6. Once the setup procedure completes, tap on the Yes button. 
  7. Tap on the Next button to apply the changes in the settings of the router.

Now, you should look for the Netgear error 1605 and note if you are able to open the Netgear Genie app. 

Way 3: Update the Router Driver

As we have mentioned earlier, this issue can also be triggered by corrupted or outdated Network drivers. You can solve this issue by updating the driver to the latest version. 

How to Update the Driver of Your Netgear Router?  

  1. First, navigate to the Start menu. (Else, you can also press the X and Win key simultaneously from the keyboard to open the WinX menu). 
  2. Then, type “Device Manager” in the search bar and hit the Enter key from the keyboard. The Device Manager window will appear. 
  3. Now, you will see a complete list of the device drivers that are installed or connected with the computer. 
  4. Look for the ‘Network Adaptor’ option by scrolling down the list and tap on it. It will navigate you to the section where you will see the Network Driver. 
  5. If you see that there are more than one driver, then you should right-click on all the drivers one-by-one. Select the ‘Update Driver’ option from the list. 
  6. Afterward, you will see a pop-up box on the window. Tap on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option from the pop-up box. 
  7. Now, it will start the update process and it will try to locate the latest Network driver for the computer. 
  8. Once the updating process completes, tap on the Finish button and restart the system to apply the changes. 

Now, you should open the Netgear Genie app to check whether the Netgear error 1605 still persists or not. If you see that the error is still disturbing you, then you should update the firmware of the Netgear router. 

Way 4: Update the Router Firmware

After trying all the above hacks, if you still encounter the Netgear error code 1605, then the error might be triggered due to outdated router firmware. To remove this error, you should update the firmware of the Netgear router. 

How to Update the Router Firmware? 

  1. First, open a web browser and navigate to the login page of the Netgear router. 
  2. Now, type the username and passcode of your admin account and tap on the Next button. 
  3. Tap on the ‘Advanced’ option from the next page. Then, go to the ‘Administration’ option. If you are unable to locate the ‘Administration’ option, then you can tap on the ‘Settings’ option. 
  4. There you will see the ‘Router Update’ or ‘Firmware Update’ option, click on it. 
  5. If the latest version of the router firmware is available, then it will start the installation process. 
  6. Once the installation process completes, you should reboot the computer to apply the changes. 

Now, you should launch the Netgear Genie app to check if the Netgear router error 1605 has been resolved. 

In this post, we have discussed 4 effective ways to troubleshoot the Netgear error 1605. We hope if you properly execute them in their given order, then it will definitely assist you to put an end to this random error.