Linksys routers are preferred by many users for its Smart WiFi feature and security settings. However, it can lead to unauthorized access to certain websites if the Linksys parental control is not working. 

Also, this can create a risk for your valuable files as it can be accessed via the Linksys router. Therefore, you have to fix its settings to limit access or block someone from using the Internet.

Things to try When Linksys Smart WiFi Parental Controls are Not Working

Generally, it indicates a technical error when Linksys parental controls are not working. Thus, you can try the following quick fixes to resolve this issue. 

  • Updated your router’s firmware.  
  • Run a full system scan. 
  • Resolve Server Issues. 
  • Turn off Bridged Mode on your Linksys router. 

Steps for Fixing When Linksys Parental Controls are not Working

Here are a few steps that can help you to resolve your router’s issue. Thus, you may be able to get back parental controls by following the given steps. 

Step 1- Sign into Your Linksys Router Dashboard

In order to log into your Smart WiFi or Velop dashboard, you will have to access the official website of Linksys. You can also type the IP address of this router, which is 

After visiting the sign-in page, you need to type your User Name and Password that was provided with the Linksys device. If you have changed the credentials or forgot them, try to consult your ISP or a router specialist.

Step 2-  Check Parental Controls Settings 

Somehow, if the feature of Parental Controls has been not working on your router, you need to check the settings. Hence, run the Linksys Connect software and go to the section of ‘Parental Controls’. 

Next, check if ‘Parental controls password’, ‘Verify password’, ‘Security question’, and ‘Answer’ is entered correctly. Any wrong details or mismatch in this information can prevent Linksys parental controls from working normally. 

Afterward, check to see if parental controls have been set for the specific device giving this error. If not, you will have to add the device and test if you can block the Internet or websites on it. 

Generally, you can add up to five devices and enable the option of ‘Parental Controls’ on the Linksys router. Hence, navigate to the symbol of positive ‘+’ on the router setup page and add the devices accordingly. 

Furthermore, you can hit the tab of ‘Control a Device’ and choose a device from the drop-down list. 

Step 3- Turn off IPv6 Connection 

Another reason for this issue was found to be the IPv6 connection. Thus, you can resolve parental control not working by simply turning it off. You can do this by following the given instructions. 

  1. First, open a browser and go to your router’s main page. Enter your login credentials and login to your router. 
  2. Next, go to the Connectivity tab and select Internet Settings. 
  3. Here, you will find an option for ‘Type of Internet Connection’. Thereafter, you will see an option for IPv4 and IPv6. 
  4. Click on IPv6 and go to Edit. Next, click on the checkbox beside IPv6 – Automatic to uncheck it. 
  5. Finally, click on Apply and Ok. 


To summarize, the Linksys parental controls should start working normally. You may have to contact technical support if you’re still facing this issue. This error is being faced by the majority of Linksys router users.