Recently, the new Tenda Router is slowly becoming popular by providing high-speed internet and security. Therefore, we will discuss how to setup tenda router successfully in the following section. 

How to Set up Tenda Router

Incidentally, there are three ways to set up the Tenda Router on your system. These are – 

  • DHCP 
  • PPPoE
  • Static IP

The connection type is determined by the details provided by your ISP. Thus, make sure that you know your connection type beforehand. Thereafter, follow the instructions below carefully. 

Steps to Setup Wireless Settings 

Make sure while you connect your computer to your modem, you have to be online. Physical setup is important to set up the router properly. Next, follow these steps.

  • First, you have to unpack the router box and connect the power adapter to the router. Take the Ethernet cable of your ISP and connect it to your modem by putting it in the blue WAN port of the router.
  • Then, take the spare Ethernet cable and connect your computer to the yellow LAN port of your router. If your system has Wi-Fi features then you do not need to connect your system to LAN.
  • Thereafter, open a web browser and go to by typing it in the address bar. Here, the router’s login page will appear. Now, login to your router using the default login credentials. Thus, type “admin” in the username field and “admin” again for the password.
  • After doing that head over to WLAN settings and click on Basic Settings. Now, click on “Enable Wireless”. Next, type the desired name for your Wi-Fi in the SSID field and click on “Apply”.
  • Now choose “security settings” and go to “Security Mode” to set up your password. Next, go to WPA Personal and select AES. Here, enter the password for your network. After that, you have to change the default “PlsChangeMe” and leave the “key Renewal interval “ field as it is and click on “Apply”.
  • Now, go to WPS Settings> Disable> Save> System Tools> Change password. Here you have to change enter a new username and password where it is written, “admin.” As it is an important page, you must change the login credentials of your router. 
  • Now, close the configuration page of Tenda as you have successfully set up a Tenda home network. Finally, connect your modem to the router’s blue WAN port and restart your modem and router. 

Thereafter, go through the following section to set up your Internet Settings. We have provided the steps for all three connection types. 

Option 1 – DHCP Tenda Router Setup

  1. With your router turned on, open a browser and go to its settings page by entering and pressing enter. Now, enter the login credentials to access the settings page. 
  2. Thereafter, click on “Advanced” link. Here, you have to select your network connection. Thereafter, choose Internet connection Setup and Click on the DHCP server. 
  3. Here, you can Disable or Enable DHCP server. Select “enable”  to bridge your router.
  4. Now you can see two boxes written as Start IP Address and End IP Address. These are the extent of IPs. You can type a start and an end IPs according to your ISP’s configurations.
  5. Thereafter you have to check primary and Secondary DNS servers. Enter the information as given by your ISP. 
  6. Finally, save your changes by selecting Lease Time from the drop-down box and clicking on Save.

Option 2 – Tenda Router in PPPoE Mode

  1. First of all, open your browser and go to . Next, enter your login credentials to access the settings page. 
  2. Thereafter, select Internet Connection Setup and choose PPPoE. Here you will have to enter your PPPoE username and password as given by your ISP.
  3. Finally, click on OK and Restart the router. Your internet connection will be ready for use.

Option 3 – Tenda Router Setup with Static IP address

  1. Similar to previous options, go to login to your router’s settings page by entering your login credentials. 
  2. Choose Internet settings or Internet Connection set up and select “Static IP.”
  3. Now you can see a box where you have to enter IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS settings on by one. Thus, enter the relevant information correctly in their particular fields. These details will be provided to you by your ISP. 
  4. After the whole process is done click on OK then click on connect. It will activate your internet connection.

Final Words

Lastly, you will now be able to know all there is to set up a Tenda router on your own. Hopefully, you’ve gone through the article step by step very carefully. Any mistake could disrupt the setup process. Additionally, you can contact your ISP or technical assistance if you can’t get to set it up on your own.