Nowadays, the Internet is considered as a basic requirement for every office and home as well. There are different ways to establish an Internet connection including an installation CD, wireless or Ethernet network. The most preferable way to connect the Internet is a router. So, this article will focus on how to set up a Linksys router. 

There is no doubt that Linksys is one of the best manufacturers of routers, as it comes with a great combination of quality, best features, and advanced technology. The setup procedure of the Linksys router is also quite simple to perform. 

But, if you have lost the installation CD, it becomes an annoying situation for you. But, don’t worry, as you can perform the Linksys router setup procedure manually also.

If you are unaware of how to setup Linksys router without CD, this article might help you to do the installation. In this post, you will know some easy tips and tricks, which can help you to set up the Linksys router without the installation CD. 

Steps for Linksys Router Setup Without CD

To set up the Linksys router, it is essential that the Internet is working within a proper range. If the Internet connection is not stable or weak, you can’t perform the setup procedure. For those who want to setup Linksys wireless router without CD, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Check the Internet Connection

First and foremost, you need to connect the system with the modem. You have to make sure that the system can access the Internet directly through the Linksys modem. 

Step 2: Connect Computer, Router, and Modem

Next, you have to connect both the modem and the computer with a router using an Ethernet cable. So, insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the Internet port of the modem and the other end to the LAN port of the computer. 

Step 3: Open the Setup Page of the Linksys Router

Now, open the default web browser of the system. Then, go to the search bar and enter the IP address of the Linksys router. If you don’t know the IP address, you should turn the firewall settings off temporarily. You can also contact your ISP or Linksys manufacturer’s website to obtain the IP address and other login information. 

Step 4: Change the Internet Settings of the Linksys Router

Thereafter, the sign-in window will prompt to provide the Username and passcode. Most of the time, the default username and the passcode of the Linksys router are “admin”. If it doesn’t support the credentials, then you should reset the router to its factory default settings. 

Step 5: Check the Settings of the Internet Connection

Check the settings of the Internet connection according to your ISP. If the connection you are using is supplied by the Cable Service Provider, you have to enable the DHCP server.  

Step 6: Bring Your System Online 

After performing the above steps, try to connect your PC to the Internet. If you are unable to access the Internet on the computer using the Linksys router, you may have missed some wireless settings. Hence, you need to recheck the settings of the Internet connection and make your device online. 

Step 7: Change the Settings of the Wireless Network

To change the settings of the broadcast network, you should navigate to the Wireless tab. Now, you should change the name of the wireless network by typing the security password. 

Step 8: Connect to the Wireless Network

Try to connect the system with a Wi-Fi network. To connect to the Internet, you have to search for the SSID and try to connect with the Linksys router’s SSID. Enter the passcode and connect your PC with the Wi-Fi network. 

If you go through the above steps carefully and execute them accordingly, you can easily set up the Linksys router with the installation CD.  

To setup Linksys wireless router without CD, there are some advanced instructions as well. So, you can post your requirements in the feedback section and we will revert soon.