Frequent and excessive usage of Linksys router can often trigger various kinds of technical difficulties. Linksys error code 2318 is one such issue, which is quite common amongst the router users. This error generally appears due to the connectivity issue.  

Therefore, if you also come across the same error and want to get rid of it quickly, then this article will help you out.  

Here, in this post, we are going to share all the predictable causes along with the proper solutions. So, read the entire article thoroughly and avail the simplest ways to fix the Linksys error.

Predictable Factors To Encounter Linksys Error Code 2318

Due to various reasons, Linksys error code 2318 can take place. But, here, we are going to mention the most important ones. So, check out the below section and determine the significant factors that are responsible for this error.

  • Most users face this Linksys error when their device is connected with unstable or poor Internet connectivity.
  • You may find this error while attempting to access the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi website.
  • One can experience this error due to certain glitch in the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account/device.

Simple Procedure To Eliminate Linksys Error Code 2318

Now you are well accustomed to the primary causes of the Linksys error. So, it’s time to troubleshoot the error in no time. 

Here, in this section, we are going to provide some effective workarounds that are proven to resolve error code 2318 in Linksys routers. But, make sure that you perform them in the same order as instructed to get the best result.

Procedure 1: Use the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account

To eliminate the Linksys error code 2318, attempt to access the Linksys Wi-Fi Smart Account and then take the necessary actions. Here are the steps that should be followed to proceed with this task. 

Step 1: First, launch a web browser and visit the official site of the Linksys. otherwise, enter the router’s default IP address in the search bar. 

Step 2: After doing this, you will find the Linksys router login page that will appear on the screen. On this page, hit the Login option located at the bottom of the page. Now, you have to enter the login credentials like Username and Password.  

Step 3: After entering the login details, try to access the Linksys profile. If something goes wrong with your existing profile, then you can create a new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account. To create a new profile, you need to provide all the necessary information.

Step 4: After creating the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account successfully, accept the “User License Agreement”. To do this action, you can right-click on it.

Step 5: Finally, click on the ‘Create a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account” option and verify whether the error gets removed.

Reload your Linksys router. Hopefully, you won’t see the error again. In case, if the error still appears, then move on to the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Reset the Linksys Router

A majority of users have reported that after resetting their router, they find that the error 2318 gets resolved. So, you can also try this out.

  • Turn off your computer and disconnect the router from it. Wait for a few seconds and plug it again to its proper place.
  • After that, find out the “Reset” button. You might find it at the back panel of the router.
  • Now, take a straightened paper-clip to press the Reset button. Wait until the “Power” lights stop to flash.
  • Once the power LED stops to flash, you can assure that the resetting process is finished.
  • Further, you can turn off your device and restart it to check for the Linksys error. 

Hopefully, after resetting the Linksys router, the error should be eradicated from your device.

Procedure 3: Disable the Third-Party Security Software and/or Firewall Temporarily

All third-party antiviruses and firewall programs have customized security settings. Usually, we install such kind of software for obtaining extra protective features to prevent virus and malware attacks. 

But, sometimes, the configuration can conflict with the router settings. As a result, the Linksys ea6200 error code 2318 can occur for your router. 

If you face this error due to this reason, then it is a smart choice to disable the third-party security software temporarily. Thus, try the following steps to perform this task.

Steps to Disable the Third-Party Security Software:

  • First, open your device and click on the Start icon. Then, in the search bar, write “Control Panel”.
  • As soon as you perform this action, you will find the “Control Panel” option at the top of the search result. Once the window opens, try to locate the “Programs and Features” option.
  • Under this list of programs, find out the third-party security software that you have installed. Then, right-click on it to invoke the options.
  • Now, tap on the “Change Settings” option and choose “Real-Time Scanning” from the appeared menu. After that, under the new window, tap on the “Disable/Turn Off” option.
  • Thereafter, you need to specify when you want to resume the “Real-Time Scanning” process. Now, close the window and reboot your device to let the new changes take effect.

Steps to Turn Off Firewall:

Press the combination of the Windows logo key + R key. Then, launch the Run window. Type “Control” into the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key to execute the command.

This will launch the “Control Panel” application. Under this window, locate and choose the “System and Security” link.

Then, select the Firewall from the context menu. Now, click on the “Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ option, which is situated on the left side of the window.

Choose the option next to the “Turn Off/Disable Firewall ( Not recommended)” option from the queue window. Lastly, hit the Apply button as well as the OK button to save all the new changes. After performing this task, you will be able to fix the Linksys error. 

Reset the Browser Configuration

There is a possibility that you face the Linksys error due to a wrong configuration of the browser. Therefore, give it a try to manually review and configure the browser settings. To proceed with the configuration process, go through the steps underneath.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to be sure that the Web browser you are using is updated to the latest version. Furthermore, if you are using Internet Explorer, then you might require to set the compatibility mode of it. 

Step 2: Then, consider turning off/disabling the add-ons and other restrictions that you have made on the browser. So, try to use the ad-block extensions and configure your browser as per requirement.

Step 3: After that, remove all the cache from your browser. Further, you can use the Admin account to log into the browser. 

Now, try to verify the status of error code 2318 and check whether you can fix the issue or not. 

Concluding Notes:

In this post, we have mentioned all the necessary information about error code 2318 Linksys in a detailed manner. We hope this article is quite helpful for you. After following the above methods, you will be able to resolve the Linksys error code 2318

Moreover, if you have further queries regarding the Linksys error, then you can drop your questions at the end of this post.